14 aprilie, 2014

Advance Sigma 9 – parapanta zbor XC

Advance Sigma 9

O noua parapanta de la Advance vine in intampinarea pilotilor iubitori ai zborului de distanta, precizie elvetiana pentru cei pretentiosi.

Advance: Less aspect ratio and weight, more performance and precision – these sum up the SIGMA 9. The latest model in the distinguished SIGMA series has the lowest aspect ratio of the current EN C class, yet weighs in with maximal performance. Pronounced compactness and stability delivers an exceptionally comfortable ride and reassuring feeling, especially while accelerated in turbulent air, so performance is fully flyable over the whole polar curve. Other impressive SIGMA 9 features are its very straightforward takeoff behaviour and precise handling. Needless to say the wing benefits from up-to-date technologies such as 3D-shaping and pressure-optimised air intakes.

Like its forebears the SIGMA 9 is intended for experienced cross country pilots. The new model will be available in 23, 25, 27 and 29 sizes, in four colour schemes. The first SIGMA 9s in sizes 25 and 27 will be ready for testing at our dealers at the end of Mai. The legendary SIGMA series embodies tradition and progress in equal measure, so this ninth generation is once again unmistakable in terms of handling and design.

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